❤️‍🔥Why we're building LocalSolana

Why did we start LocalSolana?

LocalSolana's mission is to perpetuate a way for anyone to freely trade between fiat and crypto on the best chain for payments

Bitcoin was revolutionary because it truly allowed people to transact with others on their own terms and without the need for a centralised intermediary.

It not only decentralised the transfer of money, but also the issuance. No longer did our medium of exchange need to be issued by the state. We believe that the separation of money and state at scale is the largest impact cryptocurrency can have on individuals and the world.

However the path to a decentralised currency won't be without challenges along the way. Some states will embrace a new standard, some will not. Often those acutely facing the ills of state-issued money and needing crypto the most will be the most cutoff. Governments and banks not incentivised to have individuals move towards crypto will look to ban access to the centralised points where individuals trade their fiat currency for crypto whether that be centralised exchanges or onramps. Over the past 2 years many centralised p2p exchanges which carved the way such as LocalBitcoins, LocalCryptos and LocalMonero were all shutdown. Herein lies the remaining risk to acheiving a non-state currency at scale.

LocalSolana is working towards an unstoppable p2p exchange protocol enabling two parties to trade between fiat and crypto without the need for a centralised intermediary at any step in the process. We believe removing the chokepoint fully unlocks our collective path to the separation of money and state. We believe this should be built on Solana.

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